What Is Horizontal Root Fracture?

Teeth can be damaged in many different ways, sometimes not visible on the crown. One of these is a horizontal root fracture, in which the tooth breaks off from part of the root. Horizontal root fractures are some of the most difficult traumatic dental injuries to treat. How far the fracture is from the root tip can impact the type of treatment needed, as well as how loose the tooth is.

Causes and Symptoms of Horizontal Root Fracture

In some cases, it is possible to splint the tooth and achieve stable reattachment. The pulp in the broken portion is at risk of dying and threatening the health of the rest of the root. If it does, root canal therapy in the broken portion is necessary to save the tooth. Additionally, the closer the fracture is to the gumline, the greater the risk is of infection, even if the broken portion doesn’t die.

Don’t Put Off Treatment for a Problem Tooth

If you have concerns about a tooth that seems unusually loose, tender when chewing, or prone to bleeding around the gumline, give us a call at (719) 488-2188 or email us to set up an appointment. Dr. McKissock can determine whether there is a horizontal root fracture or some other problem and recommend next steps to take.