What Are Dental Cysts?

A dental cyst is a closed sac of tissue that could be filled with air, fluid, or soft material. They aren’t the same as dental abscesses. They typically develop in soft tissues of the mouth, such as gum tissue, the lips, or next to dental roots, and tend to grow slowly over the course of months or even years. There may not be any symptoms for a long time, but eventually they will usually become painfully infected.

Types of Dental Cysts

Dental cysts come in several different types. The three most common are dentigerous, periapical, and mucocele cysts. Dentigerous cysts most commonly develop close to or on top of the crown of an unerupted wisdom tooth. Periapical (or radicular) cysts form around a tooth’s root, usually because of pulp infection or death of the dental nerve. These can develop into abscesses. Mucocele cysts are the ones that form on the mouth, inner cheek, lip, or tongue, typically due to trauma or irritation. These are usually temporary and painless, but periapical and dentigerous cysts will need treatment.

Dr. McKissock Can Help

Patients can do a lot to reduce their likelihood of developing dental cysts; like with most dental health problems, diligent brushing and flossing habits and regular dental visits go a long way. However, if a cyst does develop in the gum tissue and become infected, it’s crucial not to delay treatment. Give us a call at (719) 488-2188 or email us to schedule an appointment.