What Is an Endodontic Abscess?

When a tooth becomes infected due to injury or decay of the pulp, that infection can spread to the bone around the tip of the root, forming a hole filled with pus. This is the body’s natural defense against infection to prevent the bacteria from spreading into the bloodstream. The more the abscess grows, the more pressure it puts on the surrounding bone and periodontal ligament, typically causing a great deal of pain.

Treatment of Endodontic Abscesses

Treating an endodontic abscess involves draining it and removing the source of the infection. Most often, the treatment indicated is root canal therapy. Contrary to the negative way it’s portrayed in our culture, root canal therapy is not painful itself, but relieves the pain of the infected tooth. It removes the infection, relieves the pressure, and heals the abscess, all while saving the tooth.

Dr. McKissock Is an Expert in Treating Abscesses

If you’ve been experiencing tooth or jaw pain, it’s important to determine the cause quickly and get whatever treatment is necessary, because tooth infections do not go away on their own. Rather, they worsen and progress into painful, dangerous abscesses. Call us at (719) 488-2188 or email us for more information.